Passionate about design, art
and technology

As an interdisciplinary design and communications studio, we foster design thinking and sustainability. Whether it’s a conference, an event, a branding campaign, or video production, our approach is to collaborate closely with clients to tell their stories and express their own unique identities through visual media. We believe design is a universal language that can be translated across communication channels and can make complex subjects simple, clear, and easy to understand. At D’Blend, we aim to make this reconfirm this statement by creating rich and engaging experiences.

D’Blend was co-founded in 2006 by Lina Almansa and Juan P. Botero. Our backgrounds in design, business, communications, and digital media add depth and strength to our creative exploration. Since opening our doors, we’ve collaborated on many design and communication projects across the education, non-profit, and business, and entertainment industries.


We see the big picture, examine it in detail, and find ways to reduce unnecessary efforts and resources. We aim to build lasting solutions that increase productivity, creativity and have a positive social impact. We encourage and promote environmentally conscious manufacturing and production, and believe together we can build a greener future.

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Our Process


At D’Blend, we begin by defining the needs and framework for each project. We understand the audiences, the industry, the mission and vision, and the social impact. We ask questions and listen carefully to discover unforeseen needs. Our goal is to create solutions that solve problems and create meaningful user experiences.


We brainstorm and conceptualize ideas based on research and facts, and find solutions for the problem domain. Valuable insights are further developed, and we won't rest until it works. The concept must stand by itself!


We play with shapes, colors, materials and collaborate with clients throughout the design process. We develop sketches, prototypes, and mock-ups for review; then evaluate and fine-tune the messages and the user experiences.


We are vested in the success of each project. From concept development to implementation, we focus on the quality of our work. We promote sustainable design solutions that evolve and improve over time.